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Custom Lens Prices: Plano / clear lenses are included for $449 (order only if you don't wear any correction at all, otherwise, the telescopes will not work properly). $524 covers ALL other prescriptions or corrections. This price includes any prescription or correction, from reading lenses (for those who only wear reading glasses, or "cheaters"), to complete optical prescriptions (for those who wear single vision, distance/bifocal, or progressive lenses or any other vision correction including astigmatic and prismatic corrections). NOTE: Distance + Near corrections are installed as standard bifocals. Progressive lenses are not installed in our frames.

As always, shipping is free in the continental U.S.

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Risk Free Trial! CraftOptics is so confident you will enjoy your new telescopes that we guarantee your satisfaction. We offer an outstanding 3 year warranty on the product, and if you are dissatisfied for any reason and wish to return your CraftOptics Telescopes, we will gladly accept them during a 45-day trial period.

What we will need to know:

  1. 1.  Your desired working distance:

    Short: 12"-14"
    Best for jewelry bench work.

    Regular: 14"-16"
    Best for desk or
    table top work.

    Long: 16"-18"
    Best for long arm quilting
    or relaxed position
    lap work.

    If, when you receive the product you find you are too close or too far away for comfort, we will gladly exchange the working distance for you at no charge.

  2. 2.  Titanium Frame Size:
    1. Select Size 51 for small or medium (fits a wide range of head sizes)
    2. Select Size 53 for large (select if you generally require larger frames)
  3. 3.  Frame Color:
    Red Telescopes


    Purple Telescopes


    Black Telescopes


  4. 4.  What current eyewear you use for your craft:
    1. If you wear contact lenses with no reading lens requirement, or you do not require any vision correction, we will install clear (plano) lenses in the frame.
    2. If you wear reading glasses only, we will install your present reading add to align with our telescopes (see photo).
    3. If you wear prescription lenses, with or without a reading (near vision) correction, we will need a copy of your current prescription (please make sure it includes your PD—pupillary distance) or you have the option to have your local optical professional install the lenses in your frames.
    4. If you wear progressive lenses or trifocals, the most common and most effective configuration is to install your distance correction in the upper portion of the frame, and your near vision correction in the lower portion of the frame as shown above.
  5. 5.  Interested in the new CraftOptics DreamBeam?

    CraftOptics introduces the CraftOptics DreamBeam – the smallest, lightest, highest intensity LED illuminator designed specifically for CraftOptics Telescopes.


    Positioned right between your eyes, the CraftOptics DreamBeam follows your line of sight, delivering bright, shadowless light within the high resolution magnified field of CraftOptics Telescopes. The combination of magnification + light results in outstanding visual acuity for all-day comfort. Learn More »

Included with every pair of CraftOptics Telescopes:

Black protective case, Chums flexible eyewear retainer and microfiber cleaning cloth.

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